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Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliates Disclosure

Welcome to the Ashoka Lion Family of Companies Affiliate Disclosure

  • Ashoka Lion Consulting, LLC performs property management services independently, manages for its affiliates and is the holding company of the following real estate subsidiaries:
  • The Lion Remodeling Group, LLC remodels, maintains, renovates and performs various Handymen repair services for properties;
  • Lion Real Estate Group, LLC, the family’s real estate brokers –selling, listing, locating, and leasing residential, commercial and apartments for individuals and investors, and
  • Lion Back Office, LLC staffs each affiliate for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.  The Back Office also out sources administrative and operational services to other property management companies so they are free to sell and service their clients.


Unless otherwise agreed, each Ashoka LLC will use and compensate Ashoka affiliate companies to provide the services necessary to accomplish the objectives of their clients.  For more information about the services that will be provided and the costs that will be incurred, contact the Ashoka: by e-mail, by telephone 832-364-6025, fax 1-866-466-0391 or mail it to: 2885 Sanford Ave, #13866, Grandville, MI 49418.


ACKNOWLEDGEMANT Every Ashoka affiliate only provides services through written and fully executed contracts.  You acknowledge that: by providing information to Ashoka or receiving information from Ashoka personally or through electronic means (1) that no client relationship will be formed with you and no affiliate will be engaged to perform services and (2) that you may not rely or act upon information given to you until the Ashoka affiliate has become knowledgeable of your situation and you have entered into a written agreement.