2 Beds/ 2 Baths/ 1,298 Sq. Ft. in Quail Bridge Coming Soon!

by marketing team 19, January 2017 08:09

     Ashoka Lion’s Rental Property Management has a new rental property coming soon to the market in 
Quail Bridge in Houston City in the zip code of 77053

       If you are looking to rent this property in Houston Area, then you can reach out to our listing partner with Lion Group team at Carrington Real Estate to setup a preview before it hits the market. 

       Bedroom: 3 Beds                          Bathroom: 2 Full Baths

 Garage: 2 Attached Garage            Yard:  Yes

 Sq. Footage: 1298 Sq. Ft.               Stories: 1 Story               

 Lot Size: 3,642 Sq. Ft.                  


This home is conveniently located near FM 2234 and the Sam Houston Tollway. This home has an attached garage, fully fenced backyard and tile throughout the kitchen, living area, and bathrooms. A brick fireplace accents the living area to give the room a cozy atmosphere. Tenant will vacate the house May 31st and a new tenant will be able to move in as soon as June 15th. 

When choosing a home to rent, you may want to consider what kind of retail and restaurants are nearby.

Check out the Walk score: https://www.walkscore.com/score/16410-monte-carlo-ln-houston-tx-77053

 After tenant move out or the home is available, please let us know if there are any issues that we may need to take care for you to move in. You can include it with your application so we can make sure that our make ready and the prospective tenant’s expectation are met.

More about our Property Management Team:

Ashoka Lion’s rental property management teams have been in business since 2006. We have been assisting landlords find quality tenants and manage the home with our staff, processes, and technology. We have been accredited by the BBB in both the Houston and Dallas markets.

Our screening process involves reviewing credit, criminal, and eviction history. In addition, we are performing verifications of current and prior landlords.

In regards to tenants, we have a thorough process to insure tenants have as smooth a process as possible with our 10 point move in process:

1.  At time of application, we do have explanation of some of the common issues that you will be signing off that you understand

2.     We have a page on our website with our criteria and documents requested including a separate page as to why we are requesting those documents.

3.     We do have a FAQ included on the website to discuss policy and procedure

4.     When we approve your lease, you will be given a clear set of terms in regards to monies owed and time frame that we request you approve

5.     When we send the approval for a tenant, there is a checklist to discuss steps to be taken prior to moving in

6.     Our welcome email and checklist has links for items such as a. (TREC discussion of main body of leas) and ( b. Importance of having renters insurance for tenants 

7.     Our staff will do an orientation to discuss lease and make sure you understand how we operate with our portal, etc.

8.     Our management companies lease packet includes a tenant user guide and FAQ in lease packet

9.     We request that tenant pays a $125 fee to meet a photographer/assessment person to help photographically document move in condition. This is to protect dispute between landlords and tenants regards to condition and damages. This report will be shared on your tenant portal online.

10.  Our management company’s manager or team will swing by later on to pick up lockboxes and supra, and this gives you a chance to let them know how the transition into the home is going.

If you are looking to apply to this property, visit our prospective tenant page.





Showing Safety Tips

by jay.raman@ashokalion.com 16, January 2017 08:45

Safety is an ever present concern in our society. When you are showing a property, do you take any steps to ensure your safety? Many investors and agents don't because they aren't aware of the potential risk they face when meeting new clients, showing properties, and holding open houses. Each year there are fatal injuries in many fields of work that aren't related to an attack, but in the Realtor/Rental showing world many of the fatal deaths can be attributed to attacks from fake clients. Here are just a few articles regarding realtor/agent attacks since 2010:


Ambushed Realtor shares graphic photo of vicious attack 2016

How a Real Estate Agent Survived Attack By Man She Was Showing a Home to 2015

Risky Business: Real estate agent's killing hits home for Realtors 2014


Here are some tips on keeping yourself safe:

  1. Always verify the identity of a new client you are meeting by requesting a copy of their driver’s license, pay check stubs, etc. Make sure a copy is at the office as well! Having a copy with the office ensures other’s have access to the information on file in case it is needed.

  2. Always notify your office of what properties you will be at, who you will be meeting, and when. A good tip is to have a google calendar setup and share it with your office/team. Google calendar’s are free and you can update them on any android device!

  3. Send regular updates during the course of your day. For example when you finish at one property send a quick email or text that you are done and what property you are visiting next. This ensures your office/team would be able to quickly identify if there is a problem and can get help to you ASAP.

  4. NEVER enter a vacant property alone without first checking for any signs of unexpected house guests.

    1. Try walking around outside and check to see if there is any damage to the doors or windows.

    2. Always visit during the day.

    3. Look through any uncovered windows to see if there are any signs of an occupant.

    4. Try to have a co-worker, friend, family member, spouse, etc to join you when you need to enter a vacant home.

    5. If you suspect there is someone inside DO NOT confront them, always return to your vehicle, start the engine, and THEN call the police.

  5. Try to lock your valuables up in the trunk of your car. NEVER leave them out in plain view, especially on a counter or table at the property.

  6. ALWAYS keep your cell phone with you.

  7. NEVER transport a stranger in your car. This is probably one of the most common and unsafe practices with agents. You are putting yourself at as much risk as you would picking up a hitchhiker. Always drive separately!

  8. If possible, NEVER park in the driveway. Always try to park at the curb so you can quickly get away if a situation escalates.


Your safety is important, and following these steps could save your life.

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January 2017 Houston Market Forecast & Marketing Tips

by jay.raman@ashokalion.com 16, January 2017 08:35

Houston, Texas is an ever growing city. There is a constant flow of new home constructions, which results in an expanding real estate market. What affect could this have on home sales/lease projections in 2017?

In 2016 construction of multifamily property was at 160% of the average production year.  Analysts predict that the most likely result of the production boom in 2016 will be a reduction of new multifamily builds in 2017. Why? Because continuing at this pace could over saturate the market with available property, thus resulting in extended vacancies which will cause profit loss and increased expenses to investors and owners intending to sell.

Additionally current construction permit numbers already reflect a decline in production for 2017. The city of Houston’s permit dollar volume has gone down when compared to last year, plus the current amounts are more related to renovations and additions. Read more on this HERE.

To put it simply homes could spend significantly more time on the market before being sold or leased as they have more competition in the market. This may seem daunting, but the good news is there are many ways to increase your lease and sales chances! Here are some tips on improving your home sales options:

  1. Work with an experienced team that has a strong marketing plan and open availability to show your home. Marketing and showing your property are one of the top elements to selling your property quickly. If you don’t have the time to invest in market planning/strategies, showings, etc. then you should bring on an experienced team to work with you on selling your property!

  2. Price your home appropriately for the market. If you start with to high of a price you’ll lose out on many home buyers making offers and even agent’s showing your property to their clients. Always analyze the market for the area your property is in and use recent sales prices of comparable homes to set your sales price. Keeping the price in line with the market will help keep you competitive!

  3. Be flexible on your showing hours. Limiting access to viewing the property will seriously limit your potential offers. In today’s economy many people are working a variety of schedules, so keeping your showing hours as open as possible allows you to work around THEIR schedule with ease. The more viewings you have the more potential for offers you have!  

  4. Make sure to invest in your property photographs. While it may be quick and convenient to take pictures with your cell phone it’s typically not the best camera for the job. You want your pictures to be clear, high resolution shots that provide a similar view as visiting the property in person will. It will greatly improve your potential viewing numbers if you invest in a higher end digital camera if one is not available.  

  5. Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal! We can’t stress this enough. Most listings use the exterior shot of the home as the primary photo, and the first view of the the home during a showing is the outside. How it looks sets the buyers expectations for everything else. If the outside looks shabby and unkempt they will expect inside to be as well. Update your curb appeal with a new set of paint, flowers, fresh sod to bring the grass back, etc. If in doubt on improvements consult with an experienced marketing team!

  6. Freshen up the interior! A new coat of paint can go a long way, but keep it fresh and inviting. Consulting with a interior designer for the current styles and trends can help you give your interior a more modern look that many buyers will find thrilling.

  7. If your property is occupied be sure to clean up and remove any clutter as well as taking down the family photos, pets,  and religious/political items prior to any showing.

  8. If your property is unoccupied try “staging” the house! Staging means furnishing the home as if it is currently being lived in, this gives the potential buyers an easier vision of living there! Over 81% of buyers in 2015 stated they could better visualize living in the home when it’s staged versus an unfurnished property. Staging can definitely improve your offers, read more on it HERE.


The market may slow down, but if you use these tips you can get your property sold quickly!

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