Know The Sugar Land Rental Licensing Requirements

by 12, May 2011 05:13

Many agents and homeowners are considering in this real estate environment renting their homes. However, many people do not know that in Sugar Land has rental licensing requirements. In the City of Sugar Land, you must be register your rental property (either online or by mai), and pay a $80 fee.  When landlords or our property management firm register your property, you will then be required to setup a inspection of the interior and exterior of the home. If real estate owners are cited by the City of Sugar Land for some violation of their codes for maintenance, sanitation, or safety; then the landlord must remediate these issues in a timely manner.

Now, many landlords maybe wondering what is the big deal if they do not register. Landlords can be fined upto $500 a day for failure to obtain a license and water service can be denied. Imagine if the landlord does not do this registration process in a timely manner, then new tenants maybe denied water service till the landlord has paid the fines and application fees. Tenants maybe issued a temporary water service permit that is good for 30 days, but it is on the landlord (or his property management representative) to coordinate this matter to insure that the inspections are done in a timely manner. This can add a lot of unnecessary tension and headaches to your life as a landlord.

What does this mean for landlords? You must make sure that you have the time to take care of this registration in a timely manner and coordinate the inspection. If items are cited in a inspection, then you must be able to remediate those in a timely manner. This is important to do before you accept a tenant or you maybe at risk of not having the tenant have any water service.

Sugar Land is a great place to live and a lot of want to live there. To insure that you keep your tenants happy and being long term tenants landlords should be aware of the obligations that come with being a landlord in Sugar Land. The Ashoka Lion team is happy to work with our clients to handle this process on their behalf, so please contact us if you need our help with managing your property in the Sugar Land area.

Check out this great show put on New Year's Eve 2009 at Sugar Land City Hall. Enjoy!





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Ashoka Lion and its partners take marketing vacant rentals seriously

by 14, April 2011 17:15

Ashoka Lion and its affiliated real estate brokerage have developed a marketing program that is one of the most extensive for filling vacancies. We know that our property management clients want their vacancies filled as quickly as possible. Our vacancy marketing program includes the following tools:

  • Online Posting to over 20 online databases including, Rental.Com,,
  • Videos posted of our rental properties on YouTube (AshokaTenants)
  • Listed through our Realtor Partners to Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Distinctive Yard Sign
  • Online Application
  • Realtors can pay their client's app fees through our Pay Lease, Inc
  • Marketing through our Twitter Accounts: LionRealEstate and HoustonRenting and DallasRenting
  • QR Bar Codes linking to mobile ready listings for vacant properties
  • Text marketing programs
  • Periodic Marketing reports tracking views, appointments, and applications
  • Showing services track all agent showings and collect agent feedback

In addition, to our extensive marketing program, Ashoka Lion demands that our Realtor partners also take additional precautions to reduce risk that our marketing is misappropriated by scam artist. These steps include:

  • Watermark Pictures with Brokerage name
  • 3rd party sites must also reference MLS listing number to help tie the 3rd party site ads to the local association MLS site.

These techniques are designed to give potential prospective tenants confidence that our rental listings are legitimate and not some exotic scheme designed to bilk them of their rent money. Therefore, when prospective owners of rental property in Houston and Dallas are looking for a property management firms to help them lease their properties; they can feel confident that the Ashoka Lion team is giving a maximum effort to fill their vacancies.