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Green Lifestyle


As the Managing Director of Ashoka Lion and a Licensed Real Estate Broker (Broker # 503307), I know that tenants and property owners are more aware of their environmental impact to the community and the planet as a whole.  You can see this trend manifest itself in several ways. Our firm has made a commitment to providing ecologically conscious management practices that reduce our carbon footprint and resource usage.  These initiatives include moving to a paperless lease signing process, a paperless renewal process, online repair request, online document storage, online tenant statements, online payment tools, sending work order via the internet, and more. Our aim is for our processes and procedures to improve our firm’s efficiency,reduce our resource consumption, and reduce our cost. We aim to find a winning balance that promotes sensible use of technology with an eye towards reducing our carbon footprint.

As you can imagine, property management firms can consume a lot of paper, however with Ashoka Lion’s commitment to ecologically conscious property management practices, we have considerably reduced our paper consumption. In fact, Ashoka Lion was recognized in 2010 as a prime case study for the use of paperless document signing by one of our key vendors, Echo Sign. You can visit our case study on their site: 

Other Initiatives Include:
  • E-Sign Leases
  • E- Sign Tenant Renewals and Extensions 
  • Offer Free E-Pay for all tenant versus mailing or depositing into a bank account
  • Shredding and Recycling 7 years of archived papers after scanning to cloud based storage
  • Recycling our old electronics such as inoperable printers, computer towers, keyboards

Additionally, in 2010, to further my commitment to this goal, I have achieved the National Association of Realtor’s “GREEN” designation.  The “Green” designation is only further proof to the goal that I have to balance practical issues and having our firm vision aligned with preserving our planet for our future.  I have a beautiful family with a little girl that I hope will one day enjoy our planet with her family in the future, so I hope that our efforts help to make that dream a reality.

This section of our site contains videos and news feeds that will educate our tenants, owners, and vendors  on to live with a goal towards reducing waste and hopefully saving money through conservation methods.  Please continue to visit our site as we continue to accumulate these resources.

Thank you.

Jay Raman
Managing Director Ashoka Lion