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Houston and Dallas Property Manager Tenant Policy


Ashoka Lion's property management team would like provide our Houston and Dallas tenant's a overview of some of our basic policies:

Rental Collection:
  • Rent is due on the 1st of every month and is late after the 3rd (unless your lease was not prepared by our team). Your lease should be reviewed as this governs your specific grace period and late fee policy.
  • Rents can also be paid through the Tenant Portal. Tenant must complete the application to setup this feature through the tenant portal. This service is free for all tenants.
  • Rent can be paid through website through our "PAY RENT ONLINE" under the tenant menu 
  • If for some reason you are not comfortable paying online or the tenant portal is not working, you must come to the office to pay rent.  Our office is at 2506 La Branch, Ste. B, Houston TX, 77004.  Office hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  
  • Our leases apply funds to unpaid deposits, late fees, repair deductibles, eviction charges, association fines prior to rent amounts.
Security Deposit:
  • Unpaid fees, repair deductibles, non-returned remotes for garage door, non-returned mailbox keys, etc are deducted from security deposits
  • Tenants must provide the property management company a forwarding address to send security deposit.
  • Property Management company has 30 days to provide tenant their deposit back in a timely manner after the forwarding address is provided and tenant has moved out of property.
  • Security Deposit is not in lieu of last months rent.
  • Tenants should make written repair requests using the online  Tenant Portal
  • Repairs must be done using authorized vendors by the management company or landlord.
  • Tenant who request to utilize vendors that they have found must provide our company with the vendors information including w-9, licensing, and other information to validate they are a quality tenant
    • Tenants who utilize their own vendors will be subject to a trip charge fee to validate that the work is being performed to appropriate standards.  Please review your lease to insure that you understand what this charge is.
    • Tenants who utilize their own vendors must fill out a request to do so and state a understanding of the standards and quality that must be upheld when doing work. Click here to fill out the Tenant Vendor Authorization Requirements.
  • Tenants cannot make alterations to the property without the landlord or management company authorization. Tenants can request from the management company using their Tenant Portal.
  • Tenants repair deductibles should be paid by the next month's rent or funds will be applied from the next payment to cover the repair deductible.
  • Tenants are responsible for all items noted in their lease and/or repair responsibility matrix (if applicable). 
  • Tenants must change AC filters, bulbs, batteries in smoke detectors, and know how to cut off the water at toilets.
  • Tenants during freeze warnings must keep pipes wrapped and water dripping through the lines to help prevent freezing of the pipe.
  • Tenants during hurricane, storm, or wind related weather warnings must remove all items from yards and balconies that could pose danger to people or property if those items became a projectile
  • Tenants must be at the property for scheduled repairs or they will be charged the trip charge for missed appointments.
  • Repairs can be scheduled for weekends as a courtesy, but repairmen are only required to make repairs during normal business hours.
  • Reasonable repair periods can be up to seven days for non-emergency repairs such as as air conditioning, appliance repairs, or some plumbing related matters.
  • Open balances will remove any duty for owners to make repairs.
Renters Insurance:
  • Tenants must secure renters insurance to protect their personal belongings and protect themselves from liability (accidental fire, etc)
  • Tenants with pets must have renters insurance and include landlords and property managers as additional insured (unless owner approved the tenant to not be required)
Move Out Notice:
  • Tenants must provide written notice by mailing, faxing it, or putting the notice in via the online tenant portal when providing notice to the property management company.
  • Tenant security deposit will be deducted for cost of keys, mailbox keys, stains on carpets not reported on move in sheet, damages not reported on move in inventory sheet
  • Tenants must provide notice of a forwarding address and after that notice is provided then the landlord has 30 days to return the deposit with a itemized list of all charges that were deducted from the deposit
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