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Prospective Tenants Process

Prospective tenants applying for our rental properties that we manage in both the Dallas and Houston Metropolitan area should read this page to understand our tenant applicant process.

Step 1 - FILLING OUT THE TENANT RENTAL APPLICATION ONLINE: After you have provided us the proper documentation, then go to our website to fill out an application and pay the application processing fee ($50 per individual applicant ). "Click Here To Apply Online".   Please note that we must have a application turned in all persons over the age of 18 even if their income will not be guaranteeing the lease.
  • Fee taken from valid checking account or you have the option to pay by credit card
  • If applicant has an agent, they must identify agent on application
  • Agent must show property to collect fee

Step 2 - DOCUMENTATION NEEDED TO ACCOMPANY THE APPLICATION: If you are comfortable with Ashoka Lion's leasing requirements,  for a list of the documents that we request to accompany your online application.

  • 2 months pay check stubs
  • Copy of Page 4 of the TAR application for release of information (or send entire paper application in addition to doing our online application)
  • Copy of current lease
  • Copy of Social Security
  • Copy of Driver License

For explanation of our document requirements and alternative documents, please review our "Applicant Requested Documentation" page This link provides you a list of documents required (proof of income, copies of identification, etc) to complete the application. It also provides information about other documents that maybe requested to make your application more complete. 

Note: Agents should collect all data and send documents to us to insure clients have sent all appropriate documents and no documents are missing.   

NOTE: To send supporting documents, there are two methods: fax (Free E-fax button on the "Prospective Tenant Page)or email to 

Step 3 - TIME TO PROCESS PROSPECTIVE TENANT APPLICATION: If the tenant rental application and documents have been submitted and paid, then the application process takes about 3 to 5 business days to complete.  Delays are also due to inability to get landlord and employment verification back, and applicants must actively insure that the information provided is correct.

Fax Supporting Documents. ( Please include coversheet with documents):

(866) 466-0319
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1) Tenant Eligibility Requirements: Click to learn read and review our requirements.

2) Information About Brokerage Services:  Please understand our relationship and duty lies with protecting our property management client's interest. 

3) "Tenant Move In Process": If you are approved this will help explain the move in process.

4)  "Applicant Requested Documentation" - discuss documentation and supporting document alternatives