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Join Our Property Management Firm Vendor List

Ashoka Lion works to build networks of quality, affordable, responsive vendors who will help our property management owners and tenants with their repair and maintenance needs.  To show our commitment to our client, our property management firm is licensed and trained in the EPA’s new lead based renovators training.

We welcome vendors to join our vendor list.

To become a vendor for our property management firm, please provide the following information:

1)   Proof of Insurance (General Liability and Workers Comp for $1,000,000 per occurrence)
2)   Provide Copies of Licenses (if required for the industry)
3)   Membership in any Associations
4)   Price Sheet
5)   References
6)   Voided  check to setup electronic payments
7)   Electronically Signing the W-9 (Can be found under “Forms to Fill Out”)

Expectation of our property management vendors:

1)   Work through our work order system including receiving work orders via email.
2)   Invoice submitted referencing our work order number
3)   Invoices for repairs done at property with a tenant should be signed off by the tenant.
4)   Make Ready or Lawn Service Vendors should take before and after pictures to be submitted via online albums.
5)   Bills submitted will be sent with an understanding that there is a 2 week to 30 day turn around for payment for services.
6)   Bills are sent via email or fax.
7)   Vendors must update notes of nature of repairs or other issues through our work order system (future issues  noted while doing repair)
8)   Vendors will put notes in our work order system tracking when repairs will be performed.

Benefits of working with our property management firm offices in Houston or Dallas:

1)   Our payment turnaround time averages 14 to 21 days versus other property management firms that take an average 30 days for payment.
2)   Electronic ledger tracks invoices that vendors have sent for property repairs. 
3)   Electronic ledger will also indicate date when payment is being sent out. Vendors must account for time it takes from point of payment being released to reach vendor.
4)   Electronic Payments can be made for free if vendor provides voided check.
5)   Work Order System will provide organized system to track notes, repairs, and other issues performed on behalf of our property management company’s clients.


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